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•   Debra Philip (Mitchell) (1970)  11/15
•   Linda Davis (Thomas) (1967)  11/10
•   Edwin McNutt (1967)  7/15
•   Kenneth Hicks (1968)  7/13
•   Jayne Olliff (Voelker) (1967)  6/17
•   Steve Baughan (1966)  6/14
•   Martha Stansell (Vogel) (1968)  6/13
•   Bill Potteiger (1967)  5/25
•   Lenora Garbett (Hastings) (1966)  5/25
•   Joni McNamara (1970)  5/25
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Our semi-annual dinner was a great time. We had 40 guests from classes of 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 and 70


I will be posting pictures soon. 

The 1967 Reunion Committee wanted to let you know that after the Reunion in May we had some money left in the treasury and we decided we wanted to help our Alma Mater. After discussions with the committee at the school that was landscaping the campus after the remodel, we decided to donate a bench and a shade tree to be placed in one of the open areas they were trying to fill. Yesterday a number of committee members met with Alice Ann Ellis on the landscaping committee and were shown a great place for the bench and tree so that faculty as well as students could enjoy it.

Here is a picture of the bench we ordered and those of us who were able to go  standing in the area where the new bench will be placed. Their committee will chose a tree that fits the area when the planting time comes and will maintain the area. The Henrico committee has expressed over and over their appreciation for this donation. Thanks everyone!!